Electric power management

gospodarka elektroenergetyczna ikona

Basic and detail engineering, building permit and as-build documentation for:

  • electric supply systems and electric power management,
  • electric power evacuation systems,
  • generator excitation and voltage control systems,
  • generator automatic synchronisation systems,
  • frequency automatic control systems,
  • reactive power neutralization systems,
  • direct and guaranteed power systems,
  • systems for controlling, signalling, protection of power unit and equipment,
  • medium and low voltage switchgear,
  • telecommunication and electric power installations,
  • in-house and outside electric light systems,
  • earthing, lightning, shock protection systems,
  • cable routing,

Consulting on concepts and system selection.

Expert analysis and calculations (short circuit, protection settings, selkectivity).


Project management.

Technical documentation, take-offs for contractors.