Utility and industrial power and heat engineering

Energetyka zawodowa przemysłowa i ciepłownictwo - ikona

Basic and detail engineering for:

  • coal fired power units,
  • combined cycle power units,
  • municipal and industrial CHP plants,
  • incineration pants,
  • renewable energy sources,
  • heating networks (steam and water),
  • oil handling systems,
  • compressed air plants,
  • fuel handling systems for power plants,
  • slag, ash and sorbent handling systems,
  • water treatment plants for steam and water cycle,
  • water treatment plants for cooling system,
  • water treatment plants for heat distribution system,
  • condensate polishing and ion regeneration plants,
  • process, rain and municipal waste water treatment plant,
  • generator cooling system,
  • generator fire-fighting system,
  • dust removal systems,
  • flue gas desulphurisation systems,
  • flue gas denitrification systems,
  • maintenance and overhaul management,
  • auxiliary systems,

Technical consulting for concepts of heat and power sources.

Technical and cost efficiency analysis.

Expert analysis, CFD calculations, stress and pipe compensation analysis.


Start-up and operation manuals.

Project management.

Technical documentation for bidding process.